We are sad to announce that the webmaster, Bill Carruthers, passed away November 18, 2019 at the age of 74.

Born in 1945 in Philadelphia, he grew up in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. After graduating from Auburn University, Bill joined the Air Force and spent a year in Vietnam as a Forward Air Controller flying O-2As. There he earned three Distinguished Flying Crosses, Air Medals, and the Army Commendation Medal.

Returning from Vietnam, Bill flew B-52s at Seymour Johnson AFB, where he met his wife Chris. They married in 1974 and after returning to civilian life they settled in Charlotte and started a family. Bill was a loving husband and caring father. He joined Piedmont Airlines/USAirways as a pilot, flying internationally until retiring due to Parkinson’s. During this time Bill chose to honor those involved in the 1972 Battle of An Loc, creating the historical archive

Always passionate about photography, Bill spent recent years capturing the beauty of nature and agility of hummingbirds, among other subjects.

A celebration of Bill’s life will be held on Saturday Dec. 7 at Heritage Funeral Home, 3700 Forest Lawn Drive, Matthews. Visitation will be inside from 2-3 PM with celebration following  outside. More information at


In the spring of 1972 during the Battle of An Loc, Vietnam I was a Sundog FAC (Forward Air Controller). On two of my missions over An Loc, I carried a cassette tape recorder connected by an ear piece in my helmet. In this way, I recorded several hours of radio transmissions for my personal use. Four years ago, about thirty years after making the recordings, I finally had the time to listen closely to the tapes.


62 Alpha, 62 India, Bounty, etc…these were some of the call signs of the Army Advisors on the ground who I spoke with day and night, while flying over An Loc so many years ago. Who were these men? Trying to find the answer led me to a project I started four years ago after retiring from flying. This An Loc website resulted from this project. It grew out of my desire to have the story of An Loc, one of the longest sieges during the Vietnam War, told by the men who were there.

The Battle of An Loc was part of the Easter Offensive launched by the North Vietnamese Army in April, 1972. These are their stories…