Paul Tran

The following information is taken from my correspondence with Paul Tran whose family is from An Loc:

I grew up in An Loc and was 7 years old when the siege happened. My mother and 6 of my other siblings had to escape on foot down Hwy. 13 to Chon Thanh after surviving the mortar barrages as we passed by the garrison on our way out of the city and then being held captives by the NVA for a few days. I still have vivid memories of the supply parachutes coming down and the carnage along the road. Through some of the aerial photos and some help from my older brother, I was able to look up the house where we used to live, the Catholic School where I attended, and the path I took everyday to go to school.

I am very glad that you took the time to put up this website. It has helped me, in a way, to bring to closure to some of those horrible childhood memories. I still have vivid memories of my childhood years in An Loc and the ordeal of 1972.

After An Loc, my family ended up living in refugee camps until the time we left the country, April 30th, 1975. Me and four of my sisters had to go through another similar ordeal at Xuan Loc, the last stand before Saigon fell to the commies.