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Ed Benedit, Col. U.S. Army, (Ret.)

The following narrative was written in March 1995 by Colonel Edward B. Benedit about his experiences as the Deputy Senior Advisor to the 5th ARVN Division in An Loc, South Vietnam. It was written in response to a request by Phil Clarke, a journalist with the Associated Press, and a long time friend. Phil Clarke wrote an article for The Reader’s Digest, published in March 1973, titled, “The Battle That Saved Saigon.” Col. Benedit served in An Loc for 47 days, leaving on May 20, 1972. His call sign was 62 Alpha. Read the rest of this entry »

Lt. Col. James H. Willbanks Photos

Photos of An Loc today, courtesy of Lt. Col. James H. Willbanks US Army (Ret.).

Alan Tigner Photos

Air Calvary photos courtesy of Alan Tigner.

Mike Wheeler Photos

Air Cavalry photos courtesy of Mike Wheeler. Click a photo to open a larger version and click it again to close.

Greg Wilcox Photos

Photos courtesy of Greg Wilcox. All but the last photo taken in February, 1973.

Lt. Gen. Walter Ulmer Photos

Photos courtesy of Lt. Gen. Walter Ulmer, Senior advisor to the ARVN 5th Division. Photos taken during the battle.

Col. Bob Corley Photos

Photos courtesy of Col. Bob Corley, senior advisor to the Binh Long Province Chief Col. Tran Van Nhut. Photos were taken before, during, and after the battle.

Bill Carruthers Photos

Photos courtesy of Bill Carruthers.

Robert Corley, Col. U.S. Army, (Ret.)

The following text is adapted from An Loc by Elisabeth Lewis Corley and is taken from interviews with Robert Joseph Corley, Col. U.S. Army, Retired, who served as the Province Senior Advisor in An Loc from June 1971 to June 1972. Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Elisabeth Lewis Corley. Used with permission of the author. Read the rest of this entry »

Harold Moffett, Capt. U.S. Army

Capt. Harold Moffett, Jr., Adviser to the ARVN 3rd Ranger Group

7 April 1972 to 31 May 1972

I spent 53 days in An Loc as an advisor to the 3rd Ranger group. Capt. Evergram and I were inserted into An Loc on the 7th of April 72. On 11 May 72 during the second attack, Capt. Evergram was wounded and medivac’d out of An loc. I remained at An Loc until 31 May 72, after being ordered to leave by Colonel Ulmer. Read the rest of this entry »